I Went to Korea

Before beginning, I’d like to apologize for the lack of pictures. I wasn’t exactly planning on writing this article, but I just couldn’t help myself. Some pictures included come from fellow MEXT student Marcelo Sarmiento Diaz. Special thanks to him for giving me permission to use them. I’ve had Seoul on my list of destinations to … More I Went to Korea

“Go to Japan!” ordered the government (Recap Diary #2)

The 17th marked an important milestone. Then again, “milestone” is probably the best way to put it. I’d personally call it “yaaaaaassssss”. For you see, the 17th marked the day of formalities before I officially became accepted into the MEXT undergraduate program. MEXT Undergraduate Program: 4 years of university with 1 year of language preparatory … More “Go to Japan!” ordered the government (Recap Diary #2)